Here's another flash game for your enjoyment.

My best so far is 1560 1682 2087 3392.

dcormier says:


rnewhouse says:

1833 -- but it's sheer luck. I have no idea what I did to make it happen.

Aesopian says:

You should have posted this months ago when I was getting 3000+.

ss13 says:

I tried this enough times and eventually got 2283, but, like rnewhouse, it took me ZERO skill. Interesting game though.

dcormier says:

I tried making patterns to get better scores. Didn't help much.

rnewhouse says:

I tried making patterns too, and I could get a sense that there is probably some setup you can do that will make them all roll over endlessly, but I decided it would take too much time and effort to figure it out. Like lining up a bazillion dominoes for that one glorious fall-down.

But, it does have some entertainment value, for those times when you just gotta play some sort of flash game and you don't want a whole lot of thinking going on.

Wirehead says:

I think the whole thing is fascinating - it's like watching a fractal render in super slo-mo. The various patterns that resolve themselves out of chaos are pretty neat. One time I ended up with... well, basically the chain reaction had painted itself into the MIDDLE. The spheres on all four sides of it were turned away so that it eventually had nowhere left to go. It looked like a deliberately constructed pattern.

The effects of staring at the things moving for a long time also reminds me of Fractint running on a certain Pentium 90 in 2 East in about March of 1995..

peterman says:


I also tried making a repeating pattern with no luck. I got it to do some neat back-and-forth for a bit, but it eventually dried up.

It reminds me of Life where there are self-repeating patterns and such, but with a different kind of symmetry.

It crashed my machine. Some kind of infinite loop, I think - it hadn't completely refreshed the final fade-out of the last trail, then my cpu maxed and my machine was totally unresponsive.

peterman says:

I feel obligated to retract my machine-crash accusation. Today my machine crashed in the same way, but without this game or any other flash running.

May have been something else the other day, too. Like Windows.

subash says:

me enjoying ,me a guy of nepal and wanna ,more fren

Wirehead says:

Come again?

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